Professional civil liability insurance for doctors

Everyone can make a mistake or an oversight, especially in an industry as complicated, fairly unpredictable and dependent on many factors as medical care. You cannot be safe from chance, but you can compensate the consequences of your error - “Baltikums Vienna Insurance Group” AAS provides professional civil liability insurance for doctors. The insurance contract is an additional advantage in today's competitive environment, which guarantees the trust of the customers and partners.

If a doctor’s professional liability insurance contract is concluded,
“Baltikums Vienna Insurance Group” AAS shall cover the losses resulting from the following reasons:
  • erroneous diagnosis;
  • improper treatment;
  • claim settlement fees.
The sum insured (liability limit) is determined in agreement with the medical institution or a private practitioner. The amount of the insurance contract payment depends on the qualification and number of specialists, the excess and the liability limit.

“Baltikums Vienna Insurance Group” AAS experts will prepare optimal terms for professional civil liability insurance for doctors.

To purchase a policy, please, contact any of our branch offices in Latvia.