Med Record Banka

Med Record Bank – Online Medical Record bank

To ensure the availability of human medical records in both emergency and every day situation, a medical record data bank - Med Record Bank  ( has been established, which provides an access to human medical records online 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

Med Record Bank operates in accordance with good practice, providing a person an opportunity to electronically collect, systematize and safely store their medical data and safely access them 24 hours a day, where-ever there is an access to the Internet.

Person receives a medical data account, where all types of medical information can be electronically stored: the results of analysis, diagnostic images from examinations, allergies, diagnoses, medications, performed surgeries, hospital statements etc.

The information in the medical data account can be entered in the following ways:

1. automatically: analysis (from the E. Gulbis laboratory) and images from diagnostic examinations;

2. other medical information can be entered in the account:

  • by the person himself/herself;
  • by the Medical Record Bank physician;
  • by the attending physicians.


Personal health data are stored together and are available 24h / 7 days a week - also abroad;

Assistance in emergency situations - with the patient’s permission, the doctor is able to obtain a complete understanding of the patient’s health condition, as full medical record is available. This information allows to quickly begin treatment, determine the exact diagnosis, avoid medication incompatibilities and repeated and unnecessary tests, thus, saving you time and money;

Medical data is in 3 languages - Latvian, Russian and English, regardless of the language of data entry. Whether traveling or receiving medical care abroad, the medical information will be understood by physicians all over the world;

Emergency information - THE WHITE CARD

Each Medial Record Bank user receives emergency medical assistance card - the White Card. If the person is unconscious or unable to speak, the emergency card provides the medical personnel the most crucial medical data concerning the person. The card contains a code, which gives access to broader emergency medical assistance information stored in the Med Record Bank account.