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The history of our insurance company dates back to the beginning of 90-ties, when a group of entrepreneurs, with the future founders of "Baltikums Vienna Insurance Group" AAS (previous name - Insurance Joint Stock Company “Baltikums”) being among them, established the first private maritime transport companies in the country. Traditions and roots of the insurance company were established by providing intermediary and brokerage services for the sea ships, liability and cargo insurance owned by their companies and customers, besides placing the risks with the leading insurance companies of the world. High professionalism in the marine risk insurance, the leading position for this type of business determined the selection and decision of the founders at that time to establish their own insurance company in order to protect their commercial interests in the best possible way.

In 1998 the company
"Baltikums Vienna Insurance Group" AAS obtained an insurance licence in Latvia and started to service the insurance interests of their founders and partners thereof, gradually turning into a universal insurer with the head office located in the Old City of Riga.

In July 2015, Vienna Insurance Group AG (Wiener Versicherung Gruppe (VIG)) concluded an agreement on purchase of 100% stock of the
"Baltikums Vienna Insurance Group" AAS. At the end of October 2015, after receiving the permission of the competent authorities, the deal was completed. Therefore, after the purchase of "Baltikums Vienna Insurance Group" AAS , VIG has become one of the five leading insurance companies in the Latvian market.

Currently the
"Baltikums Vienna Insurance Group" AAS has become as a dynamically developing modern and international insurance company, which employs more than 250 employees and the offices of which are located in 34 Latvian towns and populated areas. 

The insurance company is currently operating in the following business segments:

  • we provide all kinds of insurance services for private and corporate customers risk, except life insurance;
  • we work with corporate customers by offering all kind of liability, property risk and personal insurance by individual policies, we develop insurance service programmes on the basis of corporate service agreements;
  • our speciality is the motor vehicle insurance and personal risk insurance in the Baltic states;
  • in certain sectors we offer advices to corporate  customers and private persons regarding the risk management as well as we develop varied programmes in compliance with their individual needs.

Our values have not changed from the foundation of the company. They include high professionalism, personal responsibility, individual approach, reliability in the development of insurance solutions and settlement of insured events, and high social responsibility. We will continue to build on these values and establish the team of persons who hold the same views both, among the employees as well as customers supporting our values.

In case you are not able to appear at the "Baltikums" office after the insured event in order to submit the claim for the accident, fill in the application for event here.

46 customer service centres of the Company are located in 34 cities around Latvia, as well as one branch office in Vilnius www.baltikums.lt. Respecting the principle of freedom to provide services, we also offer our insurance services in Tallinn.

Ūdens iela 12, Rīga, LV-1007, Latvija
phone: 67 807 455;
e-mail: baltikums@baltikums.lv

Zundas Pasāža - is a multifuncional office and apartment building in the nearby of Pardaugava, 7-10 minutes from the centre of Riga. The building is built on the principle of open passage.